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Halo Constance,

Eye Ms yew. Why did yew leaf me bee hind? Awl eye one Ted was two come with yew two yore new hows. In stead eye am awl bye my self hear inn H Queue.

Egg sept four Thanduril. He staid with me. Butt eye steel Ms yew.

Pleas come back,


Selene's note: I managed to teach Elberath to spell, mostly by giving her a dictionary and letting her get on with it. Unfortunately she hasn't got the hang of syllables. Or homophones.
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I feel I should clarify that the title here is a joke, referencing our shared time in the Pyro Department. I am in no way confirming certain scurrilous rumours that I was romantically attracted to my partner.

Selene Morgana Lilith Perdita X Windflower to Dafydd Illian, late of DOGA, greetings. I hope your wife and family are well.

I write this letter in recognition of the great debt of gratitude I owe you for your part in restoring my fragile sanity. I know that it will never be possible to repay such a boon as you have given me, and I would not even dare to try. I am happy to remain indebted to you forever.

That being said, I feel it my duty to repay kindness with kindness whenever I may. Take, therefore, this missive as a warning: my irrepressible chatter-basket of a partner has designs to write letters of her own to you. I strongly advise you to burn them without opening: Agent Kaitlyn is charming and friendly, but her brand of boundless energy will doubtless wear thin ere the first page passes.

I have the honour to remain,

Sincerely yours,

Selene Morgana Lilith Perdita X Windflower, Agent of the PPC

... right. Yes. So, look: I panicked. It's been a long time since I wrote a letter, and the expected forms somewhat got away from me. I don't even remember what I wrote, except that it was all very Nineteenth Century. In fact, I should probably check-

-ah. Oh dear. I appear to have been a right pistol towards Kaitlyn. Blame that Victorian mindset - or just blame me. At least I can go back and change it before-


What sort of ridiculous messaging program sends messages automatically?!


Jan. 6th, 2017 09:35 am
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The minis have just asked me - in very eloquent sign language - to help them write letters to Dafydd and his wife. That... I... I'm really not sure how I feel about that? Or who put them up to it.

Ooh, we're writing to His Holiness? Count me in!

... what? No, this is my old partner-

- High Priest Dafydd of the Temple of GreyLadyBast, praise be to her Most Holy Hat.

... oh. That.

Yuppers! And I was his first priestess, so I think it's only fair that I get to write to him as well.

I haven't said anyone's writing to him.

Yeah, but you're going to. Look at Thanduril's big flaming-puppy-dog eyes. How can you say no?
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Apparently I have not one, but two mini-Balrogs living in my RC. It emerges that when Dafydd and his wife left, neither of them took their minis with them. So I guess Thanduril and Elberath are mine and Kaitlyn's now?

I mean, they're very pretty, with the fire and all, don't get me wrong...
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Do you know what's strange? Once, I would have said ten years was a vanishingly short time, a mayfly speck on the calendar. Now it seems like forever.

Anyway. Ten years ago, my then-partner Dafydd Illian started himself an odd little journal, at the insistence of his mini-Balrog. It turns out that said mini did not leave the PPC with him, but has been holed up in RC #7219 ever since.

Yes. I know. But stranger things have happened.

The upshot of all this is that Thanduril has just re-emerged from hiding, and has decreed in his inimitable fiery way that I should create a journal of my own.

So here we are. This is the journal of Agent Selene Morgana Lilith Perdita X Windflower (Department of Floaters) and Thanduril the mini-Balrog (ditto).

Oh, hey Selene, what's that? OOH! Livejournal?

No, Kaitlyn, it's-

I used to have one of these. HI, LJ! HOW YOU DOING? SEE YOU'VE CHANGED YOUR NAME - COOL!

Kaitlyn, please. This isn't-

Hey, you know partners used to share these things, back in the day, don't you?

No, I didn't know, and-

Super! So it's also the journal of Agent Kaitlyn Jackson, DCPS and Floaters. Woo-hoo!


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