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Do you know what's strange? Once, I would have said ten years was a vanishingly short time, a mayfly speck on the calendar. Now it seems like forever.

Anyway. Ten years ago, my then-partner Dafydd Illian started himself an odd little journal, at the insistence of his mini-Balrog. It turns out that said mini did not leave the PPC with him, but has been holed up in RC #7219 ever since.

Yes. I know. But stranger things have happened.

The upshot of all this is that Thanduril has just re-emerged from hiding, and has decreed in his inimitable fiery way that I should create a journal of my own.

So here we are. This is the journal of Agent Selene Morgana Lilith Perdita X Windflower (Department of Floaters) and Thanduril the mini-Balrog (ditto).

Oh, hey Selene, what's that? OOH! Livejournal?

No, Kaitlyn, it's-

I used to have one of these. HI, LJ! HOW YOU DOING? SEE YOU'VE CHANGED YOUR NAME - COOL!

Kaitlyn, please. This isn't-

Hey, you know partners used to share these things, back in the day, don't you?

No, I didn't know, and-

Super! So it's also the journal of Agent Kaitlyn Jackson, DCPS and Floaters. Woo-hoo!


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